The Onedine Difference

The OneDine Difference

OneDine is designed by people in the restaurant industry, for people in the restaurant industry.

Here’s a deeper look at the OneDine Difference.

Seamless Interface

OneDine syncs effortlessly with most POS systems to make setup a breeze.

Reduced Labor Costs

OneDine enables waitstaff to be involved in only the steps of the dining journey where they best serve the customer and generate the most sales.

Inside Intel

OneDine lets you easily survey your customers to gain insights into how you can improve your operations, modify your menu, and more.

Enhanced Marketing Efforts

OneDine collects your customer’s data and generates customized messaging to guests’ mobile devices based on their unique dining profiles.

Real Time Table Monitoring

Monitor tables in real time, keeping an eye on:
  • Tables-to-check Status
  • Open Checks
  • Payment
  • Order Time
  • Wait Time
  • Order Accuracy
  • Table Merging
  • Guest Reviews
  • Guest Recovery & Server Recognition

Personalized Menu Offerings

OneDine informs your menu to help you cater to your customers’ dietary preferences, giving them exactly what they want, how they want it.

Guest-Led Service

Customers can order, reorder directly to the kitchen, and pay from the table.

Offers and Promotions

Customers can directly enroll or redeem rewards from your loyalty program or other promotions.

The A-Team

Rom Krupp | CEO

  • 22 years experience in restaurant technology
  • Worked with over 500 restaurant brands
  • Helped design technologies that are used in over 100k restaurants
  • 2015 Executive of the Year by the Business Intelligence group
  • Founded the award winning company and product, Marketing Vitals in 2013

Shama Hyder | CMO

  • Visionary strategist for the digital age and serial entrepreneur
  • Forbes Top 30 Movers and Shakers in Marketing
  • Mastermind behind multiple award-winning marketing campaigns including Chase Business, Dippin’ Dots, and the YMCA

Vance Miller | cro

  • 25+ years experience in restaurants and restaurant technology
  • Worked with more than 300 restaurant brands
  • Founding team member for multiple restaurant concepts representing over 1,000 locations
  • Experience growing technology firms from startup to acquisition with recurring annual revenues of more than $30 million

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